Recruitment FAQs

Q: Should I send a Recruitment Information Form (RIF) or a Letter of Support (LOS) for a potential new member I would like to suggest for membership in Chi Omega?
A: RIFs are preferred and required, and Letters of Support are not required but provide additional helpful information.

Q: Do you prefer electronic or paper RIFs/LOS?
A: Electronic! RIFs can be filled out through and Letters of Support can be sent electronically to

Q: Who is in charge of Recruitment?
A: Ashton Bates is this year's Theta Kappa Recruitment Chair, and Maddy Fergason is the RIF Team Chair!

Q: How do I send a RIF?
A: Log into your chiomegaeveryday account and complete the RIF electronically.

Q: How do I send a LOS?
A: Either by email to or by mail to:
Chi Omega
One Bear Place #85613
Waco, TX 76798

Q: When do I need to get all RIFs/Letters of Support in?
A: Paper RIFs/LOS are asked to be mailed in by November 1 and electronic RIFs/LOS are due by November 17.

Q: How do I know if a potential new member has a RIF or not?
A: You can send an email to and our RIF Team Chair will let you know.

Q: If I have questions regarding any of this, who do I ask?
A: Send any questions regarding recruitment to and a member of recruitment team will help!